Moving Picture prides itself in not only providing the latest and greatest digital cinema camera systems available, but also our ability to be versatile in the types of gear we can provide. We stock a wide variety of camera and lenses from your basic Canon HDSLR and zoom lenses all the way up to your top-shelf products such as the ARRI Alexa and the Angenieux Optimo line of cinema lenses. Our customer support is second to none, we will not stop until we know we have a satisfied customer! We'll open on the weekends for you, provide secure indoor storage for your trucks, or arrange international shipping for your job in the middle of nowhere!

We strive to be more than just another equipment vendor, but your trusted South Florida "Production Partner"!
Digital Cinema Camera Package Deals
If you want nothing but the best for your production, then This is the package for you!
  • ARRI Alexa Classic High-Speed
  • (5) 32gb Sony SxS Cards
  • (6) Anton Bauer Dionic HC Onboard Batteries
  • (2) Anton Bauer VCLX Block Batteries
  • Your choice of Angenieux Optimo 24-290, 45-120, or 28-76 Lens
  • ARRI MB-14 Studio Matte Box and choice of up to 10 Filters
  • O'Connor 2575 Fluid Head with Ronford Standard and Baby Legs
  • ARRI FF-5 Follow Focus
  • Microforce Zoom Control
  • TV Logic 5.6" Onboard Monitor
  • Panasonic 17" Field Monitor
If you still want good quality HD video, but your production is financially challenged, our F3/Fujinon package is great for commercial and corporate video work.
  • Sony PMW-F3 Camera w/ Onboard Shotgun Mic
  • (3) 32gb Sony SxS Cards
  • (4) Anton Bauer Dionic HC Onboard Batteries
  • Fujinon 19-90 Cabrio Lens
  • ARRI LMB-15 Matte Box and choice of 5 Filters
  • O'Connor 1030B Fluid Head Tripod with Carbon Fiber Legs
  • ARRI FF-5 Follow Focus
  • Alphatron/TV Logic 4" EVF
  • Sound Devices PIX-240 Recorder
Plan on a lot of run and gun shooting? Need something quick, easy, and BEAUTIFUL to shoot? Then look no further than our Canon C300 Quick Shooter package.
  • Canon EOS C300 Camera
  • (3) 32gb Compact Flash Cards
  • (3) Onboard Canon Batteries
  • Your choice of either a trio Zeiss Compact Primes or a trio of Canon Zooms (16-35, 24-70, & 70-200)
  • O'Connor 1030B Fluid Head Tripod with Carbon Fiber Legs