Production Services Case Studies

Shooting in the modern age can be rather complicated. With so many different digital camera systems and video codecs in use it can be a real challenge to keep track of what can and can't be done with a camera's raw media. Moving Picture uses professional grade portable video recorders to record the live HD video as the camera rolls while preserving time-code and in most cases the using the same filenames as the camera's internal recording.
Creative Team Dailies - Client and Agency contacts just want to see a copy of what was shot...and they want it to play on ANY computer without the need for special software. While this is an easily acheivable request, most camera's native formats are less than accomodating. Moving Picture can provide Mac/PC friendly 1920x1080 ProRes Proxy files recorded at 36/mbs. These high quality compressed files can easily be passed around a creative team on jump drives, via file sharing services like Dropbox, or uploaded to video streaming services such as Vimeo or YouTube.

Editorial Dailies and Live Transcoding - Editorial job specifications have been known to throw a monkey wrench in the best laid plans. Moving Picture can provide Avid DNxHD encoded files in 36, 145, 220, or 220x bitrates, Apple ProRes 4444 at 330mbs, or Apple ProRes at 36, 100, 145, or 220 bitrates. This is performed with an external video recorder which can be either rigged to the camera or off-camera with an HD-SDI feed. This process saves countless hours of transcoding after the job has wrapped minimizing overtime.

Media Management Solutions - Whether you have one camera or ten cameras, Moving Picture can implement the right solution for your commercial, music video, corporate event, full length feature, or live broadcast. Whether it's a laptop with portable hard drives or multiple MacPro towers and a RAID array, capturing the shot media is a critical function of any shoot. We take the job seriously, and ensure everyone that should get a copy of the media gets it in a timely manner without error.
Some of our past projects...

Feature Film - Creative Team Dailies


Feature Film (Currently in Post) - Creative Team Dailies


Live Event - Media Management (9 Camera)


Live Event - Live ProRes Transcoding with Media Management (8 Camera)


Commerical - Live DNxHD Transcoding for Editorial Spec


Corporate Event - Live Transcoding and Capture with Avid Workstations (6 Camera)