BOXX HD Transmitter/Receiver System

Ever since it's release, the BOXX Meridian HD Wireless Transmitter and receiver system has been a "first-choice" favorite for ENG and Digital Cinema camera crews alike. BOXX provides a hassle-free solution for wireless HD video whether it's used for shooting a live sporting event or on a Steadicam rig for episodic television.

The BOXX Meridian system utilizes an ultra-low latency 5ghz microwave system in an "unlicensed" frequency band. This allows the unit to operate nearly everywhere without interference from other wireless communications. It features a 1000ft useable range, and easily broadcasts through walls and other such real-world obstructions.

The BOXX system is hands-down the best portable wireless HD transmitter available today!
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"As a freelance video assist operator who has used his fair share of wireless systems, The BOXX system is by far the easiest and best system I have ever used! I have had a camera 3 city blocks away and around a corner without line of site and still had a beautiful image."

- Local 477 Union Video Assist Operator, Scott Ouellette