Canon EOS C300 EF Camera Body

The Canon EOS C300 EF is a wonderful addition to our South Florida rental inventory. This camera was designed to address all the things that annoyed us about shooting with an HDSLR camera, and build upon the things we loved about them. Problems with monitoring and rigging apparent in the HDSLR market are definitely not an issue with the Canon C300.

The C300's modular construction allows you to change around the configuration of the handle and monitor to facilitate handheld or tripod usage, and with a standard HD-SDI monitor out, you can treat this camera like it's more expensive brethren on a production set with regards to client and director monitoring. It's lightweight comfortable design makes it perfect for run and gun documentary style shooting, yet doesn't exclude the possiblity for a properly rigged cinema shooting.

It also boasts one of the highest usable ISO ranges in the HD camera market, with a maximum of 20,000 ISO. This means you can not only shoot extremely well in low-light, but you can also very nearly shoot in no-light conditions using the ambient glow of city lights to illuminate your shot. Check out the video at the bottom of the page for a real world example.

We have grown very fond of the C300 camera system, and we know you will as well. It's a worthy alternative to more expensive camera systems, and it's low-light performance is quite simply unbelievable. Every DP should experiment with this camera!