Kessler CineSlider & Oracle Controller

Portable Dolly Alternative
Automatic Programmable Movements
The Kessler CineSlider is a heavy duty portable mini-dolly / linear slider system for camera rigs weighing up to 80 pounds or more. Weighing in at only 10 pounds, with a length of 40.5 inches, 5 inches wide, and a total camera travel distance or 35.5 inches, the CineSlider is a very portable solution to get those quick, smooth short-run dolly movements, without having to transport a large dolly system. Features include drag control and locking, handle with adjustable arc diameter for ultimate movement control, smooth rolling precision stainless steel ball bearing Delrin wheels, and multple mounting options.

The CineSlider can be center mounted flush to the Kessler Hercules 2.0 head to achieve panning and tilting movements, center mounted to a 100mm bowl tripod with the optional 100mm Ball Mount Kit, or support from both ends with a combination of a standard tripod / fluid head or lightstand or monopod. Camera mounting options include the Giottos Quick Release Plate & Receiver that comes standard. Also included with the CineSlider is a 3/8" standard mounting bolt, for flat mounting a fluid head to the carriage. Optional mounting options include a 100mm Bowl High Hat and 100mm Ball Relocater.

Use the Oracle Motion Control System to program a pre-defined CineSlider move for the ultimate in time-lapse photography. The new SmartLapse mode on the ORACLE allows for easy WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type timelapse setups. A path is recorded, the duration the timelapse should take is set, then your timelapse will run following the path recorded, over the duration set. With SmartLapse you are no longer limited to single direction / axis timelapse movements!