4 Common Problems on Set in Florida – and How to Fix Them

Here’s something you’re going to learn in film if you haven’t already: NOTHING goes as planned. If things go 80% according to plan, you may just be working in a big-budget Hollywood studio! Or not; things don’t go as planned for the “big wigs” either — consider Apocalypse Now. Now factor in that Florida is a unique geographical region, with its own set of particular problems. If you’re directing, producing, shooting, and looking for equipment and camera rentals in Miami and South Florida, here are some things you should know.

Be Realistic A …

Why Continuous Lights Are Right for Photography

Continuous lights  — Arri M18 , Kinoflo fluorescents, Litegear LiteMat 1×1 LED’s, Litepanel 1×1 Astras Bicolor LED Panel, and the K5600 Joker Bug HMI series — are staples of the motion picture and video industry and they’ve solidly entered into the still photography rental world.

Continuous lighting systems are more powerful, smaller and consume less power than previous versions of motion picture tungsten lights. Present day still-photographer-friendly continuous lights also include daylight and tungsten fluorescents that are cool to the …

NAB 2015 Impressions: ARRI S60/S30 Skypanel LED

The ARRI S60 and S30 Skypanel lighting system. This LED based product has the same sort of hue and saturation tuning that made their L7C LED Fresnel popular. And you get ARRI’s legendary brand of functionality, versatility, and durability to boot.

A variety of front panel inserts allow you to shape the beam to suit the needs of your environment.  Both the larger S60 Skypanel and the smaller S30 can be powered by a block battery, making it an excellent soft light source for the mobile shooter. Additionally, the Skypanels are fully DMX controll …

Benefits of Renting ARRI Lighting Systems

As a production company, cameras and lighting are a must – but when you travel offset to shoot your production, packing a 20 pound light is not ideal.

ARRI lights are the most desired lighting systems for any production set, and the latest ARRI M-Series is exactly what every Producer and Director of Photography is looking for. The ARRI M8 is equipped with ARRIMAX Technology and its patented, open face design makes ARRI surpass the competition.

[caption id="attachment_759" align="aligncenter" width="590"] The ARRI M8 is the smallest and newest …

Discovery Channel’s “Investigation Hour”

Moving Picture provides Camera, Lenses, Grip, Lighting, VTR, and Sound for
MS Entertainment’s production of Discovery Channel Latino “Investigation Hour”
Moving Picture was contracted to provide a complete shooting package for an MS Entertainment promotional video of the Discovery Channel Latino show “Investigation Hour”. The show features real life crime dramatizations and their subsequent investigations.

For this light and fast shoot, a 1-ton grip package with Kino Flo and ARRI Tungsten lighting page was provided. Camera Department receive …

Moving Picture with Zimmerman Advertising and ADT Home Security


Moving Picture provides Grip, Lighting, Sound, VTR, and Camera Rental
for Zimmerman Advertising and ADT Home Security Systems
Moving Picture was recently hired to provide a complete production equipment package for Zimmerman Advertising’s ADT Home Security shoot. We sent along a 5-ton grip truck with 1.8K and 4K ARRI HMIs, and a Fisher 11 Dolly.

Director/DP Richard Nicolella and Zimmerman Advertising Executive VP Richard Nez lining up a shot.
Camera department received one of our ARRI Alexa High-Speed cameras with two of Moving Picture’s new …

Ford Motor Company’s “Police Interceptor”

Moving Picture provides Grip, Lighting, Camera, and Sound
for Jackson Dawson Communications / Ford Motor Company’s “Police Interceptor”
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="350"] Ford’s new 2013 Police Interceptor Sedan standing tough in front the Moving Picture grip truck.[/caption]

Moving Picture recent partnered up with Jackson Dawson Communications to shoot a promotional video to introduce Ford’s Next Generation Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility vehicles.
The video featured two models, the Police Interceptor Sedan and the Police Inte …

Stop Shooting with the Canon 5D and Begin Shooting with the Sony F3!

Moving Picture recently performed a camera test with Director of Photography, Henry Lynk, using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the new Panasonic AG-AF100, and the new Sony PMW-F3L using Zeiss prime lenses in candlelight conditions. The star of the show was, without a doubt, the new Sony F3 camera. The following images are screen captures taken from an uncompressed Apple ProRes 422 HQ, MOV file. The cameras were set to an ISO of 800 and 1600 for these shots using a 50mm Zeiss CP.2 Compact Prime lens.

[caption id=”attachment_589″ align=”aligncenter” …

Recent Production, Orsini Studios – You Know You Want To

Boston-based Orsini Studios recently came to South Florida for production of “You Know You Want To,” a commercial for Connecticut Natural Gas.  Originally a still photographer, Craig Orsini has recently grown into a director/producer/DP and partnered with fellow Bostonians, Element Productions.

With plans to shoot at New Art Studios in Miami, Orsini came to Moving Picture for lighting, grip, camera package, lens package, and HD monitors.  In addition to equipment rental, Moving Picture provided a supporting crew that consisted of a camer …