Ten Things to Know About Insurance Before Renting Film Equipment in Florida

Before renting film equipment, you’ll need production insurance to protect it against loss, theft, or damage. Here are ten things you should know about that coverage.
1) Safety First
If anything goes wrong during production, there will be a whole lot of people pointing fingers at you, the producer. While there’s not much you can do about stormy weather or clashing egos, quality production insurance is one of the few ways you can protect yourself financially against incidentals that ultimately plague every set. So if you think you need it, g …

How to Get Insurance for Film Equipment Rental in Florida

As with many career paths, producing films is an endeavor where you’ll learn a lot more on the job than you will in a classroom. Still, there are certain aspects of the work that can be acquired as effectively by reading as they can be by doing. One of them is the different kinds of insurance you’ll need to cover your film equipment rental. Film equipment rental insurance will prove to be your best safety net in the event the equipment you rent is damaged or destroyed. The question is, how do you get that insurance?
STEP 1: The Basics
Firs …

What Kind of Insurance Protects Rental Filmmaking Equipment in Florida?

You’re preparing to produce a film. You know you’ve got a great script and a talented cast. You’ve got the crew and the locations to pull it off.  You’re set up to rent filmmaking equipment. Plus, you know that you’ll need insurance to protect the production if any equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged. But what you may not know is the kind of coverage you’ll need to do that.

The most basic of all premiums, getting general liability coverage, is always the first step in protecting your production and a must-have …

Why you Need Insurance for Film Equipment in Florida

[caption id="attachment_2557" align="alignright" width="225"] Insurance saved this south Florida production when thieves stole rented gear from this car.[/caption]

Just like competent assistants know what their bosses need before they need it, good producers know how to solve problems with their film equipment rental before they arise. And when it comes to film production, issues always occur no matter the size of the budget nor the proficiency of the crew. And while there’s nothing you can do to prevent them from happening, there are things y …

How To Easily Solve Your Pre-Production Problems

Most film equipment rental houses only rent equipment, and call it a day. But when it comes to film pre-production, there’s a myriad of things from location scouting to crew sourcing that can create problems and add to your load. Especially if you’re taking your production to another state, where you aren’t familiar with the ropes… all of a sudden everything seems more complicated.

Luckily, there’s a new model of film equipment rental house: the rental house that solves your problems by going above and beyond regular duties.

Emerging from p …

Spotlight on the Dedolight 4-light Kit – Everything You Want to Know

Extremely compact yet providing high light output, the Dedolight 4-light is the perfect solution when you need to supplement or extend natural light on your shoot.
Compact and well-engineered lighting system
Our Dedolight rental kit is centered around the DLH4 light head. It includes four 150w lamps that provide exceptional economy and outstanding life expectancy. The incredible control and output from these lights make them like no other compact light fixture.  They far surpass the traditional studio light concept with Fresnel lenses. Unlike …

Five Essential Things They Don’t Teach You in Film School

You did well in film school. You’ve always been a film nerd, proud of your creative self and confident about making it big as a filmmaker. And then one day ….poof! Your confidence suddenly tanked as you entered the real world of filmmaking. If this story sounds similar, you’re not alone. Film schools are great for learning the tools and techniques, but they don’t prepare you for the realities of the industry and the art of production services.

Not until you start professional filmmaking, will you realize how much they didn’t teach you …

Your Guide to a Stress-free Fort Myers Film Production





One of the things we enjoy most about shooting in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida is that so very little film production has reached this area. This translates into a warm, friendly openness to film production just about anywhere in Fort Myers. Folks here are not cynical about film production and still believe that shooting and still photography are excellent ideas. But, that being said, there’s also not a lot of film production infrastructure or video production manpower in Lee County and Fort Myers.  So, you …

Moving Picture Rental to Attend Pacific NW Lens Summit

We’re getting ready to jump on a airplane to Portland in the morning for the Pacific North West Lens Summit with Michael Koerner and team over at the Koerner Camera rental house in Portland, Oregon who are hosting a special type lens fest.  They’re showing of the most comprehensive collection of optics in the world. Vintage lenses, new lens releases and large format lenses will all be there. The smartest and most talented lens gurus and lens engineers will be there to chat at this great rental house soirée!   

Who’s Going?
Got a burning q …

Saying Good-bye to Birns & Sawyer? The Future of Film Equipment Rental

Here’s some film trivia for you. What do 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia, 1969’s Easy Rider, 1984’s This is Spinal Tap, and 2000’s X-Men have in common? They all used equipment rented from legendary TV and film production equipment rental house Birns & Sawyer.

It’s not good-bye in the strictest sense—the company is merely reconfiguring its operations. But we are bidding farewell to the original movie camera rental shop in Hollywood.  One that’s been in operation since 1954.
Film’s Last Stand?
In some ways, yes. But this isn’t …