Why you Need Insurance for Film Equipment in Florida

[caption id="attachment_2557" align="alignright" width="225"] Insurance saved this south Florida production when thieves stole rented gear from this car.[/caption]

Just like competent assistants know what their bosses need before they need it, good producers know how to solve problems with their film equipment rental before they arise. And when it comes to film production, issues always occur no matter the size of the budget nor the proficiency of the crew. And while there’s nothing you can do to prevent them from happening, there are things y …

The Guide to Sustainable Practices On Set!

The sheer amount of waste we experience daily on Florida film productions is shocking. Huge volumes of wood thrown into dumpsters after a day’s use. Food from catering disposed of rather than sent to food banks. Hundreds of plastic water bottles, many barely consumed, end up in large plastic bags never to be recycled.

NBCUniversal is taking the lead to change all that! Green is Universal is NBC Universal’s ongoing sustainability initiative dedicated to raising environmental awareness and helping to nurture a healthy planet.
Film and televisi …

The Legal Ins and Outs of Filming in Florida

One of the most consistent requests we get from filmmakers is about all the legal ins and outs of shooting a film or video production in Florida. We always start our reply by talking about the most essential piece of paper you may need: the location permit.
Film permitting process
Every location-based shoot, even for professional still photography, requires a shooting permit to be legit. A permit is merely a document from local, city, or federal governments, giving you permission to be shooting in public places. The permitting process can admit …

The Art of Being a Producer: Balancing Creativity and Business

Generally speaking, no matter the size of your production, every person on a film set has a job that falls squarely in one of two different camps.

The first group is the creative team – the writers, directors, actors, etc. These are the dreamers — the people primarily responsible for coming up with the compelling ideas that will excite the audience. The second group is the technical team.  The people who use their skills, expertise, and tools to support the people in the first category.  These being the cinematographers, camera assistants, …

Your Guide to a Stress-free Fort Myers Film Production





One of the things we enjoy most about shooting in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida is that so very little film production has reached this area. This translates into a warm, friendly openness to film production just about anywhere in Fort Myers. Folks here are not cynical about film production and still believe that shooting and still photography are excellent ideas. But, that being said, there’s also not a lot of film production infrastructure or video production manpower in Lee County and Fort Myers.  So, you …

Saying Good-bye to Birns & Sawyer? The Future of Film Equipment Rental

Here’s some film trivia for you. What do 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia, 1969’s Easy Rider, 1984’s This is Spinal Tap, and 2000’s X-Men have in common? They all used equipment rented from legendary TV and film production equipment rental house Birns & Sawyer.

It’s not good-bye in the strictest sense—the company is merely reconfiguring its operations. But we are bidding farewell to the original movie camera rental shop in Hollywood.  One that’s been in operation since 1954.
Film’s Last Stand?
In some ways, yes. But this isn’t …

The Ultimate Guide to Pre-production for Producers

The first day of shooting is always an exciting time for cast and crew. But it wouldn’t be possible without the months of pre-production that brought everyone to the set.

You’re probably familiar with Edison’s quote about genius being 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Think of production as 1% realization and 99% preparation.

From 30-minute spots to feature films, pre-production is the process of discovering, researching sourcing, and bringing everything together to successfully execute the client and/or director’s vision.

This gu …

Film Set Safety in Florida: Tips and Tricks to Overcome the Challenges

Keeping your cast and crew safe encompasses much more than getting a proper general liability insurance policy that protects them from on-set injury. Florida’s workplace safety regulations are covered at the federal level which means video productions in Miami FL must follow strict OSHA regulations to keep everyone on set safe.
More than common sense
Of course, no one sets out to produce a film or video with the intention of putting their cast and crew in harm’s way. But there are precautions even the most safety-conscious producer may be ove …

How MPR’s Florida Film Production Services Save You Time & Money

Whether you need a DP for one day, a sound mixer for a month, or a full-time producer, Moving Picture Rental can help you solve one of the biggest challenges many South Florida productions face: easily finding and hiring experienced, qualified professionals.
Your South Florida Film and Video Production Partner
Owned and run by filmmakers, MPR has been a one-stop shop for Florida film production services since 1987. Our experience as filmmakers ourselves means we truly understand how difficult it can be to quickly find reliable, qualified crew m …

First Shoot in Florida? Here’s What Each Crew Member Does

From pre-production to post, any given production can have hundreds of jobs. Some productions, like the feature Hugo, have over a thousand! Even seasoned producers, skilled at managing productions from start to finish, can find crewing a mind-boggling endeavor.

If you’re new to the role of producer, it’s crucial to understand the various positions and the gear needed to properly perform their jobs. Moving Picture Rental offers full production services in Florida, including helping you crew up. To help you make sense of just what a best boy …