Holiday Gift Guide for Filmmakers and Crew

Filmmakers can be a tough crowd when it comes to buying gifts. They are an esoteric group, and I should know, I’m one of them! But as experienced filmmakers Moving Picture Rental has some hints since we use these products daily and monthly, some of them for many years. And what’s a better gift to a production friend or family member, than an item that’ll enhance and help them do what they do best! BTW, we’re not receiving any compensation for our product picks. We’re just doing it for fun and to pay it forward.

Gerber Suspension Mu …

6 Skills Every Producer Should Possess

Have you ever wondered why it’s the producers who accept the Oscar for Best Picture? Though crews often jokingly refer to them as “suits” or “bean counters,” a producer more likely wears a variety of hats.

Producers are involved with projects from conception to release. Long before cast and crew are hired, they work to develop the script and find funding. And long after the 1st AD has called the final wrap, producers attend editing sessions, arrange release and distribution deals.
Jack of All Trades
At its most basic, a producer’s …

7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Shooting Skills

Just like seasoned screenwriters constantly perfect their craft, experienced cinematographers can discover new ways to see and expose the beauty and storytelling elements in a scene. From shooting music videos to feature films, here are seven simple but effective ways to improve your skills and become a more compelling storyteller.
Improve your storyboarding skills
Directors of Photography have always used storyboards to collaborate and help them see the director’s vision, but there are ways to make them a more useful weapon in your work. Th …

4 Common Problems on Set in Florida – and How to Fix Them

Here’s something you’re going to learn in film if you haven’t already: NOTHING goes as planned. If things go 80% according to plan, you may just be working in a big-budget Hollywood studio! Or not; things don’t go as planned for the “big wigs” either — consider Apocalypse Now. Now factor in that Florida is a unique geographical region, with its own set of particular problems. If you’re directing, producing, shooting, and looking for equipment and camera rentals in Miami and South Florida, here are some things you should know.

Be Realistic A …

Moving Picture Rental Provides Production Services For Chief Productions

Moving Picture Rental, Miami’s one-stop-shop for film production, served as local South Florida production services for UK Lottery’s Lottoland spot.  Chief Productions of Manchester, England traveled to Miami in late 2016 with their directors Nate Camponi and Ben Tonge and Producer Colin Offland to shoot a humorous spot  “Lotto Evolved.”  Their Lottoland job was unique.  Their goal was to show Lottoland’s lottery evolution using the concept of human development.

Achieving Client’s Goals

With MPR’s support, Chief Productions filme …

Watch this Super Creative Video & Production Services Challenge

Moving Picture Rental provided a “one stop shop” solution for Wrecking Ball’s recent set of Adobe’s commercials.  Wrecking Ball  Studio + Labs is a regular customer who relies on us to help them with various production services situations from simple to complex shots.
On the ground experience and production services support

David Wells, MPR President, offered his expertise and years of production services experience to find Juan Bofill, a stunt coordinator/rigger to fly their actor.  And with safety as a major concern, this was a c …

Crew Services and Crew Hire to make your life easier!

There’s a recent trend in the film and television industry — crews are getting smaller, the deadlines are getting tighter and the jobs are being rewarded later than ever making for shorter preproduction schedules.   Overall time constraints as well as budgets are becoming ever more challenging.  Moving Picture Rental responds to this pain producers and production company owners are experiencing by offering a very unique service at our office’s in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and New York City.   We call it Moving Picture Crew Services.
Cre …

Film Crew! LifePower Can Ease Location Work

Our good friend, colleague, and First AD Gary Sales stopped by Moving Picture Rental with a cool new product called LifePower that’s perfect for people working in film.

LifePower is a terrific new technology that can power any 110 volt device using a battery — the same battery that’s used in Tesla cars. For film people working on location LifePower is super handy.  It powers laptops, lights, a printer, etc. Plus, it’s small and affordable.

[caption id="attachment_1156" align="alignnone" width="300"] Gary Sales, 1st AD, holding LifePower[ …

How not to screw up when you crew up

Watch this video “How not to screw up when you crew up” for some great insight on crewing jobs and on becoming the crew on job from industry veterans including Dave Wells of Moving Picture Rental and Crew, Production HUB’s Greg Vass, Doug Birnbaum of SolidLine Media, Photographer Richard Campbell, DP, TVShooter Video Productions and Katrina de Leon of Production HUB. If you want to jump ahead to Dave’s comments go to 9:28, 15:55, 18:00, 23:28, 29:08, 35:40, 37:37, 41:16, 44:16, 48:36, 54:52. …

Faces Behind the Camera – Laura Ciffone

Capturing some of South Florida’s well-known film professionals in action — from DP’s to producers to food stylists to makeup artists — we are bringing a series of insightful portraits as photographed by David Wells.

[caption id="attachment_951" align="aligncenter" width="270"] Laura Ciffone in action at The Schwartz Group shoot with Moving Picture Rental[/caption]

Our second portrait is of Laura Ciffone. Grace under pressure first comes to mind. Truly a talented unique individual. Food Styling is an art and Laura brings it shoot after shoo …