24″ Iris Rod 15mm

24″ Iris Rod 15mm
Camera Support, 15mm Iris Rod, Stainless, 24in
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Product ID: MP11685
R2 Description: Camera Support, 15mm Iris Rod, Stainless, 24in
Alternative Product Name: 24" Iris Rod 15mm
Product Overview:

The 15mm Ultra Rods 24" are ultra-durable, nickel plating over aircraft grade aluminum tubing. These new Ultra-Light iris rods are made from seamless extruded aircraft grade aluminum. They are precision ground then finished with a durable nickel plating. The result is an iris rod with the low weight of aluminum but the surface durability and ease of operation of stainless steel. While they are strong enough for most zooms they weigh in at one third the weight of stainless. Competitively priced with standard stainless rods but a lot easier to carry around.

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