Distro, Cam Lock 4/O Cable – 25ft

Distro, Cam Lock 4/O  Cable – 25ft
Electric, 25ft 4/0 Cable
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP13337
R2 Description: Electric, 25ft 4/0 Cable
Alternative Product Name: camlock cam lok, camlok, cam-lok, cam-lock
Product Overview:

Used for portable power and lighting applications in the entertainment industry including motion picture, television, theatres, stages, and live events. SC feeder cables are made with UL and c(UL) listed Stage Cable (SC).

Product Features

  • UL and c(UL) Listed SC cable made from annealed no. 30 gauge bare copper stranding
  • Durable CPE insulation
  • Resistant to abrasion, acids, heat, flame, chemicals, sunlight, water, and ozone
  • Excellent flexibility and durability
  • Meets/exceeds UL and c(UL) flame test requirements

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