AJA HD-SDI/SDI Distribution Amp

AJA HD-SDI/SDI Distribution Amp
AJA HD10DA HD-SDI/SDI 1x6 Re-Clocking Distribution Amp
Manufacturer: AJA
Model Number: HD10DA
Website (Commercial/Pro): AJA Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10276
R2 Description: Converter, AJA HD-SDI/SDI 1x6 Re-Clocking Distribution Amp
User Manual Download: AJA HD-SDI/SDI Distribution Amp
Moving Picture Electronic Services Says

MPR Says: "Multiple HD-SDI outs"

"Many cameras only have a single HD-SDI out, and when looping from monitor to monitor on set gets tedious, just break out this small distribution amp and be done with it. Also- little known fact for those shooting on the RED and using a Raptor HDx for video assist: the signal output from the RED needs to go through this sort or signal re-clocking before the Raptor can see it correctly. There may be more cameras manufactured in the future with this requirement, so its a good idea to have one on hand."

Product Overview:

The AJA HD-10DA 1x6 SD/HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier from AJA accepts one SDI digital video signal and outputs six identical HD-SDI/SDI digital video signals.