C-Stand – 40in

C-Stand – 40in
C-Stand - 40in
Manufacturer: Matthews Studio Equipment
Model Number: 756120
Product ID: MP12233
R2 Description: Grip Gear, C-Stand, 40in w/ Head and Arm
Alternative Product Name: Century stand, c stand
Moving Picture Electronic Services Says

MPR Says: "Grip workhorse"

"The most often used stand in the business the C-Stand (Century Stand) is said to have gotten its name for how long it takes to master it."

Product Overview:

C Stands or “Century Stands” are a staple of just about any project. These heavy duty light stands are more stable and able to support more weight than the usual tripod type light stand. The included versatile gobo arm and knuckle provide additional options for hanging lights, positioning flags, draping drop cloths, or gripping and supporting anything on set.

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