Lectrosonics UCR-100

Lectrosonics UCR-100
Lectrosonics UCR-100 Wireless Receiver
Model Number: UCR 100
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11211
R2 Description: Wireless Receiver, Lectrosonics UCR100
User Manual Download: Lectrosonics UCR-100
Product Overview:

The Lectrosonics 100 system was designed to operate with the new generation of DV camcorders, offering an ultra-compact receiver and modest cost, yet preserving the performance that has become the hallmark of Lectrosonics.

The system offers 256 selectable frequencies over a 25.6 MHz band to avoid interference from local RF sources. The UCR100 receiver is highly sensitive and the matching transmitters provide a full 100mW of output power. The result is exceptional operating range and freedom from drop outs.

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