Litepanels Miniplus Flood

Litepanels Miniplus Flood
Litepanels Miniplus Flood
Manufacturer: Litepanels
Model Number: Miniplus FloodSpot
Website (Commercial/Pro): Litepanels Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11080
R2 Description: Light, Litepanels Miniplus LED, Flood
Moving Picture Electronic Services Says

MPR Says: "Pocket-sized wonder"

"The Litepanels Miniplus series offers shooters extremely efficient and versatile on-camera lighting. This dimmable LED softlight system is ideal for ENG and documentary work. Whether you need to fill in the shadows on a daylight exterior or illuminate your subject in a dark club setting, Miniplus on-camera LED lighting is reliable and proficient. Featuring nearly 20 fitted gels and fully operable on battery power, the Miniplus lighting systems will adapt to your specific needs in a moment’s notice. "

Product Overview:

Litepanels Miniplus Flood

Building on the success of the popular Litepanels Mini, the compact, portable, dimmable LED softlight, the new Mini - Plus offers an upgraded design and new features. Available in daylight (flood and spot) and tungsten (flood) models, the powerful new system provides soft, directional output. This broad lighting source is ideal to mount on a camera, wall, or any place that calls for a highly portable softlight. - Size: 6.83" W x 2.30" H x 1.18" D(173mm x 60mm x 30mm)Weight: 9.6oz (.36kg)Power Draw: 0.7 amps at 12VDC (8.4 watts)Power Supply: DC: 10-30V,AC Adapter 100-240V Advantages - Heat-free LED technology Produces bright, soft light Integrated dimmer 100% to 0 50,000+ hour bulb life Highly efficient Minimal color shift when dimming Absolutely flicker-free 5600ø - K or 3200ø