Preston Microforce Zoom Control

Preston Microforce Zoom Control
Preston Microforce Zoom Control V+F3
Manufacturer: Preston
Website (Commercial/Pro): Preston Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11621
R2 Description: Zoom Control, Preston, Microforce V+F3
Moving Picture Electronic Services Says

MPR Says: "Industry Work Horse"

"Keep up with your DPs needs to get the exact focal length. Great with longer zooms such as Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm , Canon 30-300mm. Smooth for on air type moves or just punching in for the close up as soon as the DP calls for it. "

Product Overview:

The Micro Force V+F3 improves upon its heritage of ruggedness and precision with a new speed control sensor and digital speed display. The new sensor/control knob is virtually indestructible, and it turns with glassy smoothness. The design maintains the ergonomic advantages which have made the Micro Force the leading zoom control worldwide.

At the heart of the V+F3 is the same force sensor technology, which has made the Micro Force an industry standard. The control drives a wide range of analog motors from M26T Heden motors to the full range of Panavision zoom motors.

The V+F3 may also be used to provide the zoom function in conjunction with the FI+Z system as well as interface to professional Canon and Fujinon video lenses (having the 12 pin or 20 pin Hirose connector). 

The V+F3 unit operates over an input voltage range from 12 to 28 volts (30V max.). A series of molded "Y" cables is used to interface the control with the zoom motor and the accessory connectors on most motion picture cameras. Straight cables connect the V+F3 directly to video lenses or to the FI+Z Hand Unit.