Ronford Legs

Ronford Legs
Ronford Regular Tripod Legs ONLY
Manufacturer: Ronford
Model Number: Ronfordlegs
Website (Commercial/Pro): Ronford Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11397
R2 Description: Tripod, Ronford Standard Legs
User Manual Download: Ronford Legs
Moving Picture Electronic Services Says

MPR Says: "Film Standard"

"The film community is very familiar with these legs, but for the ENG video crowd, note that these legs have a Mitchell receiver- NOT a BALL receiver. Use these legs for a beefy head like an O'Connor 25/75."

Product Overview:

Designed for portable cameras in ENG and EFP configuration with counterbalance range 7 kg to 20 kg (15 lb to 44 lb), these legs have a Mitchell receiver and removable spreaders.

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