Schoeps MK-41

Schoeps MK-41
Schoeps MK-41 Shotgun Mic
Manufacturer: Schoeps
Model Number: MK-41
Website (Commercial/Pro): Schoeps Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11163
R2 Description: Microphone Capsule Hypercardiod Mk-41, Schoeps
User Manual Download: Schoeps MK-41
Moving Picture Electronic Services Says

MPR Says: "Amazing Mic"

"The pickup quality is unbeatable. Get incredibly high quality sound with this professional and solidly built microphone. Great for interviews."

Product Overview:

The MK 41 and the CCM 41 are strongly directional. Sound arriving from off axis is attenuated even more than with a cardioid. The pickup is ‘drier’ and less susceptible to acoustic feedback than any other SCHOEPS microphone type, provided that a loudspeaker is not located directly on the rear axis of the microphone.