Sony D600 Betacam

Sony D600 Betacam
Sony BVW-D600WS BETACAM SD Camera Body
Manufacturer: sony
Model Number: BVW-D600WS
Website (Commercial/Pro): sony Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11499
R2 Description: Video Camera, Sony BVW-D600WS Betacam, Camera
User Manual Download: Sony D600 Betacam
Moving Picture Electronic Services Says

MPR Says: "Beta Revolutionary"

"For the highest quality SD image, the D600 has been around for a long time in the ENG/EFP world. Acquiring beautiful 4:3 OR 16:9 images, this camera is ideal for high-end SD production."

Product Overview:

Sony BVW-D600WS Betacam is a digital camcorder with Digital Signal Processing. HyperHad F.I.T. CCDs generate over 850 lines of resolution with over 2000 lux @ f8. One piece configuration records BetaCam SP. Adjustable clearscan, extended clearscan along with Sony's Super EVS enhanced vertical resolution and a variable speed electronic shutter (1/100 to 1/2000) extend the shutter capabilities. Dual optical filter rings, genlock capability and viewfinder playback. Equipped with 26 pin out.