Sony F900 HD Camera Body

Sony F900 HD Camera Body
Sony HDW-F900 HDCAM CineAlta Camcorder
Manufacturer: sony
Model Number: HDW-F900
Website (Commercial/Pro): sony Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11509
R2 Description: Video Camera, Sony, HDW-F900 HD Camera,
User Manual Download: Sony F900 HD Camera Body
Moving Picture Electronic Services Says

MPR Says: "Still going strong and very popular"

"The first HD workhorse. This camera was at the beginning. HDCAM is still a very popular format. Highly reliable camera with great features. Tape is not dead! Broadcasters around the world still use this camera. The F900 will be a popular rental item for years to come. A proud performer in the Cine Alta line from Sony."

Product Overview:

The Sony F900 HD is compact, lightweight and robust body design with cinematography accessories attached. Continuous recording time of up to 50 minutes (24P mode). Newly developed LSI for ADSP (advanced digital signal processor) improves picture quality, ensuring picture stability and operational reliability while reducing total power consumption.