Sound Devices 402 Mixer

Sound Devices 402 Mixer
Sound Devices 402 4-Channel Field Mixer
Manufacturer: Sound Devices
Model Number: 1402
Website (Commercial/Pro): Sound Devices Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10039
R2 Description: Audio Mixer, Mackie Designs 1402 VLZ
User Manual Download: Sound Devices 402 Mixer
Moving Picture Electronic Services Says

MPR Says: "Solid Mixer"

"This is a solid and reliable mixer. Top of the line quality. Sounds great and works great. Use it on set or in a studio. Also good for home or office use. Low noise. Easy to use."

Product Overview:

Until now, mixers built for low-input, two-mic or one-mic-and-a-guitar applications really skimped on quality. With their flimsy construction and dismal sound, they resembled and performed like children's toys. So Mackie created the 402-VLZ3, the perfect ultra-compact mixer for applications that require few inputs, but demand full-on professional sound.

The 4-channel 402-VLZ3 audio mixer delivers pure VLZ3 quality in Mackie's smallest form factor ever, making it ideal when your input counts are low, or when space is at a premium. In a sleek, small package, you get the signature VLZ3 high headroom, low noise design, complete with 2 XDR2 preamps, premium EQ, and modern mix bus architecture, for the best-sounding, mini-est pro mixer on the planet. You also get Tracktion 3 Music Production software free. At last, you no longer need to buy more mixer than you need just to get the quality sound you deserve.

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