Sound Devices 442 Mixer

Sound Devices 442 Mixer
Sound Devices 442 4-Channel Field Mixer
Manufacturer: Sound Devices
Model Number: 442
Website (Commercial/Pro): Sound Devices Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10035
R2 Description: Audio Mixer, 4-Channel, Sound Devices 442
User Manual Download: Sound Devices 442 Mixer
Moving Picture Electronic Services Says

MPR Says: "Sir Mix-a-lot"

"Very easy to use 4 channel mixer with multiple outs makes two-camera or 744t backup very simple. Physical switches for most functions makes this mixer very versatile in the field."

Product Overview:

Developed with input from the industry's top audio engineers, Sound Devices 442 encompasses the audio performance, feature set, and mechanical construction demanded by those who rely on audio gear for their livelihood. The 442 contains four microphone preamplifiers that re-define portable audio performance. With its comprehensive inputs and extensive outputs, including direct outputs per channel, the 442 is at home in small run-and-gun applications as well as large, multiple-input productions.

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