Meet the Newest Additions to Our Film Gear Rental Inventory in 2020

The Canon C500 Mark II, a new addition to our film gear rental inventory.In any industry, you have to stay current. It’s why businesses and corporations unveil new products and updated services regularly. They want to stay ahead of the curve and offer their clients and customers the very best. Film gear rental is no different since camera and equipment manufacturers consistently release new equipment and updated models. Here are some of the latest excellent additions to our inventory.

Canon C500 Mark II

One of the most excellent cinema cameras on the market today, the C500 Mark II, has already become a popular choice with filmmakers worldwide. At just under four pounds, it‘s incredibly lightweight and makes for optimum maneuverability. Its touchscreen LCD display has exceptional resolution along with a built-in timecode.  You can switch to shooting in slow or fast motion with the simple push of a button. The EVF is user-removable, and its two XLRs are built into the body and allow for full manual control. Two optional extension units further add to its modularity. A smaller one enables features like an Ethernet and remote connection.  While a larger one provides for the ability to use V-mount batteries.

The dual pixel autofocus covers 80% of the image area and changes the tracking and ramping speed of the focus between two objects, thereby influencing how fast that focus shifts. Combine the two fixed, built-in ND filters with two, four, and six stops to achieve eight or ten stops of ND and automatic exposure adjustment. And perhaps the most impressive feature is its CMOS full-frame sensor with up to 15 stops of dynamic range and its 5.9k output in cinema RAW light due to its new Digic DV 7 image processor.

ARRI Sky Panel S60

Arri Sky Panel S60 a new addition to our film gear rental inventory.

A mid-range model featuring a light aperture of 645x300mm, this LED light is portable, powerful, and efficient. It has an adjustable color temperature of 2,800-10,000k, with the ability to make spot adjustments as needed and delivers flicker-free performance when shooting up to 200fps. It is especially suited to location shooting. Its profile depth is a mere five inches. However, it has the capability to match almost any color temperature or intensity. Its soft light results in exceptional skin tones and subtle/natural shadows. The Arri Sky Panel S60 is an excellent addition to any film gear rental.


LED LiteMat 2

Manufactured by the innovative team at LiteGear. This fixture is an extremely efficient tool in helping you to get light wherever you need it. Available in several varieties, each is guaranteed to make the colors pop as LiteGear designs its equipment to match color and spectrum. The LiteMat Tungsten produces a radiant glow that appears warm to both the eye and the camera. L The LiteMat Daylight provides hues akin to the midday sun and can boost available daylight without using filters. And the LiteMat Hybrid is bicolor, fully adjustable from Tungsten to Daylight, dimmable, and flicker-free.

LED LiteMat 2 a new addition to our film gear rental inventory.

Teradek Bolt 3000 XT SDI/HDMI Wireless TX/RX Deluxe Kit

For state-of-the-art wireless video transmission with zero-delay, you can’t beat this kit. It transmits and receives in 1080p60 and enables users to monitor their feeds in real-time with optimal precision.

Teradek Bolt 3000 a new addition to our film gear rental inventory.

A built-in spectrum analyzer, dual video input on the transmitters, and manual channel selection offer superb versatility, all housed in a lightweight aluminum chassis. And the unit outputs visual feedback to a connected monitor, so you’ll know which channel is open and which one another device is using.

 At Moving Picture Rental, we’re as passionate about our film gear rentals as we are about helping the filmmakers who rent them. To find out how we can put together a package that will ensure your next production is a success, give us a call today.