42in x 42in Reflector w/ Yoke

Grip Gear, 42inx42in Reflector w/ Yoke, Brake – Silver
Manufacturer: Matthews Studio Equipment
Product ID: MP10657
R2 Description: Grip Gear, 42inx42in Reflector w/ Yoke, Brake – Silver
Alternative Product Name: 42×42 Reflector with yoke, 42 x 42, 42inch x 42inch, 42 inch reflectors
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Product Overview:

Matthews offers several different types of reflectors. A standard reflector measures 42″ x 42″. These reflectors are made of honeycomb material sandwiched between two sheets of aircraft aluminum which is then set into an aluminum frame.  The frame is then mounted into a yoke which has a 1-1/8″ pin to fit a Combo Stand, and a pivoting positive locking braking system. These standard reflectors are made of a shiny silver paper glued on the “hard” side and silver leaf squares on the “soft side”.

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