7″ SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED Monitor

7″ SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED Monitor with 7.7″ Panel with X-Port
Manufacturer: SmallHD
Model Number: MON-DP7-PRO-OLED-X
Website (Commercial/Pro): SmallHD Commercial Website
Product ID: MP13150
R2 Description: Video Monitor, SmallHD DP7 PRO OLED w X-Port
Alternative Product Name: DP7, 7 inch
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Product Overview:

The DP7-PRO OLED features a 7.7” 1280×800 OLED Display with high color gamut via OLED technology, real-time 3D LUT functionality, high res full-screen waveform & scopes, signal conversion, and accessory expansion port (X-Port)

Key Features

  • Color Accurate HD Field Monitor – OLED displays have much higher color reproduction capability (“gamut”) compared to LCD displays. This give the DP7-PRO the required range to acurately display industry standard color spaces such as REC 709 for broadcast/web and DCI-P3 for digital cinema. The DP7-PRO OLED Field Monitor has great contrast and rich color. This is a result of OLED’s ability to produce “true black” (no “glow”) and a high color gamut.
  • Custom Look – In addition to many preset 3D lookup tables, the DP7-Pro is able to detect and display nearly every type of 3D LUT you throw at it, allowing you to give a gradded image even as it’s being captured
  • Work Faster with Smart Keys – The DP7-PRO Field Monitor allows operators to assign up to 24 functions to “Smart Keys” for instant acces. This prevents the need to enter the menu system and saves time. Detailed customization of features assigned to Smart Keys is acessed with an intuitive press-and-hold operation.
  • Inputs – 2x SDI, 1x HDMI, Composite (CVBS)
  • Outputs – 1x SDI, 1x HDMI
  • Signal Conversion – Shoot SDI and send your feed to another HDMI client monitor, or shoot on an HDMI-only DSLR and convert the signal to SDI for long cable run to a video village. You can watch a video demo of the cross conversion here.
  • Speedy Sync – The DP7-Pro displays HDMI signal instantaneous once plugged in
  • Future-Proofing – New features are added via free firmware updates with more in the pipeline
  • DP7-PRO Hight Bright and OLED Field Monitors have a discreet expansion port on the back that allows for clean, bulk-free integration with accessories such as the Paralink Wireless Dock.
  • Super Strength – Housed in a reinforced milled aluminum shell yet weights only 1.2lbs.

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