703 Teradek Bolt Directors Bundle – 7″ Wireless Monitor

703 Bolt Directors Bundle – 7-inch Wireless Monitor with Directors Handles & Battery Plate
Manufacturer: SmallHD
Model Number: 14-0445-G
Website (Commercial/Pro): SmallHD Commercial Website
Product ID: MP14090
R2 Description: Monitor, SmallHD 703 Teradek Wireless Monitor, 7″
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MPR Says:

The 703 Teradek Bolt Directors 7” Wireless Monitor has become an essential tool on almost every set. Before this great unit we cobbled rigs together, sure they work but were always messy with cables, heavy batts and difficult to keep together with all the nuts bolts and gaff tape. Often tossed to the side halfway through the shoot with the director hovering over the DP or ACs shoulder.

It’s the world’s first daylight viewable full HD monitor with a built-in Wireless HD receiver. A sleek untethered viewing experience and with the brightest display on the market the 703 Bolt is the ultimate go anywhere. 

Remember, it’s always a great idea to rent Teradeks in Miami before you buy. 

Powerful software tools and a cable free design make the 703 bolt the perfect directors monitor, first ac monitor, lighting monitor or even a receiver for the large monitors in your video village. Plus you can attach an external wireless receiver to either SDI input and view two wireless sources at once straight out of the box.

The 703 bolt is easy to see easy to power and easy to hold especially when paired with our hassle-free lightweight monitor handles. It includes a rugged antenna guard to protect the threat points on the receiver and it’s milled aluminum frame and bonded glass screen provide an additional level of protection from abuse it will see at the hands of your director.

The Bolt 703 changes everything. When paired with the  the Teradek Bolt 3000, 1000 or 500 and powered with a slim Hypercore Gold Mount Battery this unit will run for several hours without needing to change batteries. No sunscreen needed with its OLED high bright design 3000 nits, 1920×1080 IPS LCD, daylight viewable.

500’ range, rugged aluminum, construction makes this monitor a workhorse. Mount it to Arri WCU-4 hand unit and your AC can pull focus from distance.

Rental hire of the 703 Bolt Directors kit in Fort Lauderdale can help you make that all important purchase the right one!

The 703 also has a second input and dual displays. So you can monitor 2 cameras. Only drawback is a receiver would have to be added to the 703. This is simple using the Bolt 3000 with built in Gold Mount pass through plates. The same battery would power both the monitor/receiver and second receiver at the same time. For now this is the onset standard for wireless handheld viewing.

Product Overview:

Monitor your camera’s feed wirelessly with the SmallHD 703 Bolt 7″ Wireless Director’s Monitor Bundle. Comes with gold mount plate, side handles, and a neck strap to complement the monitor itself.

Dual SDI ports on the rear of the display allow for A/B viewing of two different SDI signals, or the secondary port can be assigned as an output for sending an SDI signal to another monitor. All the functionality of the monitor is available via the PageBuilder OS, which provides advanced functionality.

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