Angenieux EZ-2 S35 15-40mm T3 Lens Rental

Angenieux EZ-2 S35 15-40mm T3 Lens

Manufacturer: Angenieux

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MPR SAYS: “Sharp, Dynamic, Effective, a multitool of optical excellence”

The Angenieux EZ-2 15-40mm super 35 zoom lens is one that I was particularly excited to test out. After putting it through a range of tests, I can confidently say that this lens is a great addition to any gear collection.

One of the first things I tested was the breathing of the lens. The lens showed minimal breathing at 15 millimeters, meaning there was little to no distortion on the edges when zooming in and out.

The lens also performed well in the bokeh test, with out-of-focus areas in the background displaying a pleasing look at different stops. The lens had a T2 aperture when wide open, and it was interesting to see how the bokeh changed as the aperture was stopped down to T22.

Another highlight of the Angenieux EZ-2 15-40mm super 35 zoom lens was its close focus distance. As a zoom lens, it allows you to go from 15 millimeters all the way out to 40 millimeters, while maintaining sharpness across the entire range. It was impressive to see how the lens kept the focus plane the same as I zoomed in and out, making it a great option for filmmakers who need to quickly adjust the focus during a shot.

The lens also performed well in the flaring test, with the lens elements producing cool flares when moving around a light source. This feature allows filmmakers to create unique lighting effects without the need for additional equipment.

Aside from its impressive performance in these tests, the lens also boasts a lightweight design, making it easy to handle during long shoots. It also has a consistent front diameter of 114 millimeters and focus, iris, and zoom rings that are all in the same location, making it easy to switch between lenses during a shoot.

Overall, the Angenieux EZ-2 15-40mm super 35 zoom lens is an excellent choice for filmmakers who need a versatile lens for a range of shooting scenarios. Its minimal breathing, pleasing bokeh, and parfocal zoom make it an ideal option for filmmakers who need to capture fast-moving action while maintaining consistent framing and focus. The lens’s lightweight design, consistent front diameter, and ease of use also make it a great choice for filmmakers who need to quickly switch between lenses on set. I highly recommend this lens for any filmmaker looking to elevate their work with a reliable and high-performing zoom lens.

Product Overview:

  • Focal length: 15-40mm
  • Maximum aperture: T3 (f/2.8)
  • Minimum aperture: f/22
  • Minimum focus distance: 2 feet (0.6 meters)
  • Image coverage: Super 35mm (up to 30mm diagonal)
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
  • Dimensions: 221 x 114 x 114mm
  • Front Diameter: 114mm
  • Mount: Interchangeable between EF, E, and PL mounts (separate mount kits required)

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