Anton Bauer Quad Charger

Anton Bauer Interactive 2000 Quad Charger
Manufacturer: Anton Bauer
Model Number: Interactive2000
Website (Commercial/Pro): Anton Bauer Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10012
R2 Description: Charger, Anton Bauer Interactive 2000 Quad
User Manual Download: Anton Bauer Quad Charger
Product ID: MP10012 Category:

MPR Says: Quad Charger”

“You can’t shoot if your camera doesn’t have power, and the Anton Bauer Quad Charger can save you two ways: keeping your batts topped off OR as an AC power source to keep you running off wall power.”

Product Overview:

Accommodates up to four Anton Bauer batteries. Status available from digital display. Also can be used as camera power supply.

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