Aputure Light Dome II (34.8″) Rental

Aputure Light Dome II (34.8″)

Manufacturer: Aputure
Website (Commercial/Pro): Aputure.com
R2 Description: Light, Aputure Light Dome II (34.8″)
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MPR Says:

Is the light coming out of your Aputure lights too hard? We got your back here at Moving Picture with the Aputure Light Dome II.

The Aputure Light Dome II is perfect for interviews, product shots, and small, run and gun setups! You pull it out of the bag, spread it open, attach the included diffusion on the inside velcro, and you’re ready to rock!

It works great with the C300D Mark II and the amaran 100d LED Lights! Pairing the Aputure Light Dome II with any of these lights will get you a soft, inexpensive, and easy to set up experience! 

Remember, it’s always a great idea to rent an Aputure Light Dome II in Miami before you buy. Give it a test ride!

Included with the Aputure Light Dome II is an egg crate to keep that light on your subject and control spill, one thinner and one thicker diffusion material, and a gel holder.

Unlike its predecessor, the original Aputure Light Dome, the Light Dome II can be deployed in a matter of seconds. You no longer have to take the rods out to fold it up as the Light Dome II features a ratchet release system so the whole soft box can be packed away while it’s still intact. Awesome!!

Rental of the Aputure Light Dome II in Fort Lauderdale can help you make that all important purchase the right one!

Product Overview:

The amaran 100d LED Light has great color accuracy. It produces a 5600K light and a CRI/TLCI rating of 95/96 to indicate advanced accuracy in color rendering.

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