ARRI 6000w Fresnel HMI

ARRI 6000w Fresnel HMI
Manufacturer: ARRI
Model Number: HMI6000w
Website (Commercial/Pro): ARRI Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10998
R2 Description: Light, 6000W HMI PAR System
Alternative Product Name: ARRI 6000w Fresnel HMI
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MPR Says: Big Boy Light”

“Classic HMI to create a new sun for your DP’s needs. This is a solidly built light that will brighten up just about anything, indoors or out. Very efficient and great to have in your lighting arsenal. “

Product Overview:

Arri 6000 Watt HMI Fresnel and Electronic Ballast.
Fresnel spotlights with daylight characteristics with compact size, high efficiency and lightweight is required, the ARRI COMPACT Daylight Fresnels are the preferred choice. ARRIS’s elegant modular construction, using corrosion free aluminium extrusions and light weight die castings, offers great structural strength and weather resistance. Together with ARRI flicker free, Electronic Ballast with A.L.F., the rugged COMPACT range is the ideal choice for all locations.
This kit includes a 50′ head-to-ballast cable, color frame for gels, and a 4 leaf barndoor set (not shown). It does not include a 6000 Watt HMI bulb.
A.L.F. Control Ballast
Automatic Line Filter assures flicker free, consistent color light, no matter what dimming range is chosen, or what fluctuations exist in the AC Mains.
Compact Size
Reduced size of the compact HMI 1200W makes it an easily transportable HMI light.
Smooth and Even Light
A 16.7″ (425mm) short focal length lens provides a smooth, even field of light.
Multiple Use
Versatile fixture when using multiple lights with different wattages

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