ARRI 650w Fresnel – Tungsten

ARRI 650w Plus Fresnel
Manufacturer: ARRI
Model Number: Arri 650w plus
Website (Commercial/Pro): ARRI Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11004
R2 Description: Light, ARRI 650w Fresnel (Tweenie)
Alternative Product Name: Arri 650w plus
User Manual Download: ARRI 650w Fresnel – Tungsten
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MPR Says: ARRI Tweenie”

“At 650 watts, this ARRI kit light is often used in small interview setups with a chimera as a key light or to simply bring up the background. Many film school students will remember these lights fondly as the biggest light in their arsenal for their first student film due to their low cost, durable construction and general versatility. Still used regularly for films and video projects of all sizes, the ARRI 650 is consistently requested, whether it be the biggest or smallest light on a DP’s list.”

Included Accessories:

Product Overview:

The ARRI Fresnel series is ideal for use where compact, light weight tungsten Fresnel spotlights are required. Arri Fresnels are the perfect solution in small studios where grid height is a problem. The classic ARRI construction of corrosion resistant extruded and die cast aluminium maximises body strength while maintaining the light weight of an ideal location fixture. Despite the small size, short focal length lenses with wider angles give more light output and better light distribution over the full beam area.

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