ARRI Hi-5 Wireless FIZ w/ CForce Mini Motors Rental

ARRI Hi-5 Wireless FIZ w/ CForce Mini Motors

Manufacturer: Arri

Model Number: Hi-5

Website (Commercial/Pro): Arri

Product Overview:

The Hi-5 kit is Arri’s premier wireless follow focus system. Allowing for zoom, iris, and focus control. The Arri Hi-5 is a worthy successor and upgrade to the Arri WCU-4. The most important upgrades to the Hi-5 is its ability to use pre-marked focus rings, along with interchangeable wireless modules. Such as the RF-900, RF-2400, and the RF-EMP, giving the freedom to control the camera from wherever, and how far is necessary.

Different Accessories such as the RIA-1 and the ZMU-4 allow for the HI-5 to be used with more than just Arri cams, allowing software compadibility (with license) for Sony and Red.



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