ARRI Light Kit

ARRI Light Kit-(2) 650w Fresnels and (2) 300w Fresnels
Manufacturer: ARRI
Model Number: ARRI Kit
Website (Commercial/Pro): ARRI Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10026
R2 Description: ARRI Light Kit Case
Alternative Product Name: ARRI Light Kit-(2) 650w Fresnels and (2) 300w Fresnels
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MPR Says: “One-Man Show”

“The ARRI kit has long been an industry standard. Ideal for everything from Corporate Industrials to ENG shoots, the tungsten lighting in this package will provide you with the essentials needed to give your production a professional edge. The ARRI kit can be used on its own for a small scale interview lighting arrangement or can act as the foundation for a much larger lighting and grip package (Kino Flos, flags kits, etc). What’s great about the ARRI kit is its mobility and versatility. Add Chimeras to each light and you’re able to cast a soft hue. Pull out some gels and you’ve got more options. Contained inside the kit are all necessary stands and it’ll fit in the trunk of any normal sedan. What’s not to like?”

Included Accessories:

Product Overview:

This kit includes (2) ARRI 650w Fresnels and (2) ARRI 300w Fresnel lights. All lights are tungsten and are accompanied by their own stand, barn doors and chimera rings. This kit is perfect for small productions and travels in a single case with wheels and pull handle. Ask for chimeras to be included if needed.

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