Blackmagic HDMI to SDI Converter

Blackmagic Design HDMI to SDI Converter
Manufacturer: Blackmagic Design
Model Number: HDMI to SDI
Website (Commercial/Pro): Blackmagic Design Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10279
R2 Description: Power Supply, Blackmagic Design, HDMI to HD-SDI
Alternative Product Name: Blackmagic Design HDMI to SDI Converter
User Manual Download: Blackmagic HDMI to SDI Converter
Product ID: MP10279 Category:

MPR Says: “DSLR must-have”

“Currently this small box is the only reasonable way to use HDSDI monitors with Canon DSLRs with HDMI. The HDMI signal on the canon changes from HD to SD upon recording and all other converter boxes immediately stop working. The Blackmagic box auto switches between HDSDI and SDI, allowing video to pass at all times.”

Included Accessories:

Product Overview:

Mini Converter HDMI to SDI is ideal for converting from HDMI devices to SDI video with the choice to embed SDI audio from HDMI, AES/EBU or balanced analog audio inputs. Now you can add SDI outputs to cameras with HDMI connections, or if your computer supports HDMI compatibility via DVI to HDMI adapters, then you can add SDI outputs to computers. Also features a built in hardware down converter to connect HDMI video to SD-SDI equipment.

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