Boompole ENG

Robo Pole ENG Short Boompole
Model Number: Boompole
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10128
R2 Description: Boom Pole, Robo Pole (Short)
Alternative Product Name: Robo Pole ENG Short Boompole
User Manual Download: Boompole ENG
Product ID: MP10128 Category:

MPR Says: “Short ENG Boom Pole”

“This is a sturdy and lightweight boom pole. It’s small, versatile and easy to pack up and transport. It’s great for booming up close when on the field and for recording long interviews.”

Product Overview:

Crafted in cost-effective aluminum tubing, This 3 stage boom pole is designed to meet the needs of ENG and DV Camera crews. 40” when collapsed, 87” full length.

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