Broncolor Grafite Strobe Pack

Broncolor Grafite Strobe Pack A2 1600ws Asymertrical
Manufacturer: Broncolor
Model Number: 31.169.10
Website (Commercial/Pro): Broncolor Commercial Website
Product ID: MP13144
R2 Description: Still photography, Broncolor Grafit A2 RFS 1600Ws Power Pack (230VAC)
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Product Overview:

Broncolor power packs are constructed for peak performance under heavy use. Long-life capacitors, durable components and solid state design ensure trouble-free operation for years.

A company already known for creating benchmark products, Broncolor raises the bar to even loftier heights with the introduction of the Scoro S 1600 RFS 2 Power Pack (100-240V). It provides independent 1/10 stop control of each of three flash outlets with very short flash durations and a unique feature: ECTC technology (Enhanced Color Temperature Control), aimed at preventing color shift over the entire output range. You can also use it to select your own color temperature in 200K increments. Almost like having 3 separate power packs, each of the 3 flash outlets features individual asymmetrical power control. Although flash durations are very short in Normal Mode, Speed Mode can make them even shorter while shortening the recycle time allowing shooting up to 10 frames per second at full output.

Controllable from camera, Mac or PC computer via the built-in RF receiver, the pack also features sequence, delay, interval and memory just to name a few, in addition to a sleek new design. Besides speed, power and style, the hallmark of a Bron pack is consistency: digital controls can be returned to exactly the same settings an hour or a year later.

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