Cable – 25ft HD-SDI

Cable – 25ft HD-SDI
Model Number: SDI25
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP12055
R2 Description: Cable, HD-SDI, 25ft
User Manual Download: Cable – 25ft HD-SDI
Product ID: MP12055 Category:

MPR Says: “High Quality Cable”

“This is a great cable to use with all of you HD-SDI equipment. The connectors are professionally secure and incredibly well-made. Can be used for a variety of purposes such as feeding from cameras to a switcher or playback deck such as PIX-240 and also feed the hd-sdi cables back to different monitors. Very flexible. This is the highest quality HD-SDI Cables you can find out there. This cable is rugged and well built for HD-SDI applications with its high speed transfer of digital audio and video signals.”

Product Overview:

Custom made by Moving Picture, our HD-SDI Cables are constructed with the highest quality RG-59 coaxial video cable, and 75ohm HD-SDI BNC connectors.

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