Cable – Pyle 12ft HDMI

Cable – Pyle 12ft HDMI
Model Number: PHDM12
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11291
R2 Description: Cable, HDMI Male to Male, 12ft, Medium Quality
User Manual Download: Cable – Pyle 12ft HDMI
Product ID: MP11291 Category:

MPR Says: “Carry a spare”

“Necessary cable for hundreds of consumer products, but sometimes fragile or misplaced. We recommend you purchase and travel with a spare.”

Product Overview:

HDMI cables provide an uncompressed digital link between consumer electronics equipment such as DVD players, Cable or Satellite boxes and audio/video monitors such as Plasma & LCD Display Screens for HDTV’s. Suitable for 1080p and Lower Video formats.

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