California Sunbounce

California Sunbounce Zebra Reflector
Manufacturer: California Sunbounce
Model Number: 000-220
Website (Commercial/Pro): California Sunbounce Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10736
R2 Description: Grip Gear, Reflector California Sunbounce, Zebra
Product ID: MP10736 Categories: ,

MPR Says: “Who Needs Lights?”

“Ideal for ENG and documentary shooting, the California Sunbounce can be assembled in seconds. We send our package out with Gobo knuckles to give our clients the option of mounting the Sunbounce on a C-stand (rather than having to hand hold indefinitely). Whether you’re relying on natural lighting or need a reflector in a studio lighting arrangement, the Sunbounce is an excellent tool. The two sides of the California Sunbounce (zebra and white) offer different color temperatures that broaden your options in the field. This will help you avoid those unwanted shadows on your subject’s face!”

Product Overview:

With no componet longer than 53″ the Sunbounce system can be taken anywhere and the fact that it is the lightest portable reflector system on the market makes it the choice of professional photographers worldwide.

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