Canon K-35 Prime 24mm lens

Manufacturer: Canon
Website (Commercial/Pro): Canon Commercial Website
Product ID: MP13772
R2 Description: Lens, Canon K-35 Prime 24mm, t1.4
Alternative Product Name: k35. k 35, vintage lens
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Product Overview:

These Canon K-35 are fast, vintage cinema lenses manufactured in the 1970’s and were later offered with PL mount for cinema use.  Used today on such films as as “American Hustle,” “Her” and “Aliens.”

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
18mm T1.5 1′ 110mm 3.2
24mm T1.6 1′ 80mm 1.6
35mm T1.3 1′ 80mm 2
55mm T1.4 2′ 80mm 1.5
85mm T1.4 3′ 80mm 2

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