Combo Stand 3-Riser Aluminum Light Stand

Combo Stand 3-Riser Aluminum
Manufacturer: Matthews Studio Equipment
Model Number: 366165
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MPR Says: “May be lighter than they appear”

“These large triple riser combo stands are made of a very lightweight aluminum, a fraction of the weight of their steel counterparts. When the extra safety provided by the weight of a steel stand is not needed, try an aluminum stand and save your back.”

Product Overview:

This is a Matthews Hollywood Combo Stand. It has a wide 43″ footprint and extra long legs to provide stability. It rises to a maximum height of 11.3′ (3.4 m).
The Hollywood Combo accepts larger Junior fixtures with its 1-1/8″ receptor, and small fixtures with its Baby (5/8″) spigot. This stand features a “Rocky Mountain Leg” to aid in leveling a load on uneven terrain.
• Steel construction for extra strength and support
• This stand features a “Rocky Mountain” Leg, which extends independently, allowing leveling of the stand on uneven terrain

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