Comtek BST-25 Transmitter

Comtek BST-25 216mhz Transmitter
Manufacturer: Comtek
Model Number: BST-25
Website (Commercial/Pro): Comtek Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11927
R2 Description: Manual, Comtek BST-25 Transmitter
User Manual Download: Comtek BST-25 Transmitter
Product ID: MP11927 Category:

MPR Says: “Comtek Transmitter”

“Plug in base station giving more power to your Comtek receivers. Also provides signal for earwig inner ear IFB.”

Product Overview:

Professional quality, auxiliary base station transmitter designed to operate with the PR-216 and PR-216 Option 7 synthesized receivers in the newly assigned 216-217 MHz band under Part 95 of the FCC regulations The BST-25/216 MHz transmitter incorporates the latest digital and analog technologies to produce low residual noise, wide dynamic range, and extended frequency response rendering the most natural sound possible from a wireless system.
This transmitter may be used for personal cueing, for tour guide applications, language interpretation, and for assistive listening applications.

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