Distro, 100 AMP Gang Box

Electric, 100 amp Lunch/Gang Box
Manufacturer: LEX Products
Website (Commercial/Pro): LEX Products Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10361
R2 Description: Electric, 100 amp Lunch/Gang Box
Alternative Product Name: Gang Box, Lunch Box
Product ID: MP10361 Categories: ,

Product Overview:

This box provides power distribution for film or video productions, and powers 10K or 12K lighting fixtures. It also provides convenience power from NEMA 5-20 duplex receptacles.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides 100 Amp stage pin receptacles for powering lights and duplex receptacles for convenience power
  • Heavy-duty molded rubber enclosure is electrically insulated and resistant to shock, impact and corrosion
  • Breakers mounted under hinged lid for enhanced safety
  • Stackable and compact for easy storage and convenient portability
  • Elevated base keeps receptacles above ground level
  • Reverse neutral and ground options prevent mismating for

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