Dolly Track – 45 Degree (Curved)

Dolly Track – 45 Degree
Model Number: Dolly Track 45 Degree
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10325
R2 Description: Dolly, 4ft Curved 45 Degree Track
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MPR Says: “45 Degree Track For Your Dolly”

“Sturdy high quality over center latch track system. The round track tubing has a very tight tolerance. Track is connected by cross-members at the industry standard of 24.5″ center to center track width. Track comes with over center latches that are adjustable. This feature allows you to get the tightest fit possible between track sections. The ends of the track are offset male (cones) and female (holes) to give added strength when track is joined together.”

Product Overview:

Track Curved – 45 Degrees. Dolly Track is rated to a maximum payload of 1200 lbs (545kg) at the industry standard of 24.5 center to center track width.

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