Dolly Track – 90 Degree

Dolly Track – 90 Degree
Model Number: Dolly Track 90 Degree
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10326
R2 Description: Dolly, 4ft Curved 90 Degree Track
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MPR Says: “Great Performances”

“When forming a 10′ circle with four sections of this track and placing a product or talent in the center of the circle you can achieve great 360 degree performances. Particularly glamorous for singers and other divas.”

Product Overview:

Manufactured from 1-1/2 inch 1010-alloy cold rolled welded tube. After all fabrication processes, track rails and other components are chrome plated to maintain smoothness and help protect against the environment. Cross members are replaceable if damaged.
Four sections of this 90° curved track, placed end-to-end, will form a tight circle 10 feet in diameter.
Note: Do not combine two types of track — Heavy Wall, with StartTrack. Bumps formed between joined sections will result in jumpy images.

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