Earwig Wireless HiFI

Earwig Wireless HiFI Package
Model Number: CMR 38
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10354
R2 Description: Wireless Audio, Earwig Hi-Fi Package w/ Soft Case
User Manual Download: Earwig Wireless HiFI
Product ID: MP10354 Category:

MPR Says: “Comfortable Fit”

“The Earwig mini wireless vhf receiver is solid and reliable and has good battery life. Also has a good range of distance for picking up signals. The self adapting filter is a nice bonus which reduces background noise. It’s also a comfortable fit for your ear.”

Product Overview:

Just insert microEar into your ear canal and you will receive information or prompting at distances up to a mile (depending on transmitter and radio conditions). A VHF user-specified crystal-controlled receiver available in the range of 138 to 240MHz will receive signals up to several kilometers. Features include an automatic squelch circuit; a high sensitivity superheterodyne circuit which provides maximum receiver sensitivity; a self-adapting filter to reduce background noise; battery life of 15-30 hours and a volume control.

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