Fisher 11 Dolly

Fisher 11 Dolly
Manufacturer: Fisher
Model Number: Model11
Website (Commercial/Pro): Fisher Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10331
R2 Description: Dolly, Fisher 4 Wheel Model 11 Dolly
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MPR Says: “Save your back”

“Unparalleled in the industry, Fisher dollies are notoriously dependable work horses. They are also notoriously precise and smoothly operational to the finest increments. The Model 11 is an excellent option whenever a dolly must be carried and cannot be wheeled. If you have ever helped to carry a dolly up or down a flight of stairs (or two) the Model 11 is preferred; although it it is highly recommended that 4 Persons still be employed to do this task.”

Product Overview:

The Model 11 is our smallest Dolly. Lightweight and compact, it is built with the same
high quality standards found in all J.L. Fisher products. The Model 11 Dolly shares
the same controls and characteristics of the Model 10 Dolly and has a complete line of
its own accessories. It operates effortlessly on Square or Round Track, making the
Model 11 and Model 10 an excellent two dolly combination.

The Model 11 Dolly is engineered and manufactured to meet the demanding
production needs of the motion picture, television and video industries. Compact
size, three-way steering and a solid lift beam give operators a wide variety of options.
The reliable, quiet, smooth and safe Model 11 requires minimal maintenance.

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