Flag – Empty Frame 18 x 24in

Flag – Empty Frame 18in x 24in
Manufacturer: Matthews Studio Equipment
Model Number: Empty18x24
Product ID: MP12303
R2 Description: Grip Gear, Empty Frame 18 x 24 inch
Product ID: MP12303 Category:

MPR Says: “The 18×24 Empty”

“There are endless uses for flags when you’re on set and want to have ultimate control on the angle, height, intensity or position of your light source. Empty frames are great because you can incorporate gels or diffusion and make your light source seem much bigger. Skin it with any type of diffusion, gel, or random material that you need. The 18×24 is great for diffusing or adding light with gels or dispersing shadow. This strong frame is a very well made and essential tool to have in your grip gear arsenal.”

Product Overview:

Newly designed 90° Flag frames with mounting pins attached, will make it possible to position the instrument over the top of the set wall or to use two or more units to create a box for better light control.
With this new design, there are now three square corners as opposed to the older design providing just two.

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