Flag – Floppy 4x4ft

Flag – Floppy 4x4ft
Manufacturer: Matthews Studio Equipment
Model Number: Floppy4x4
Product ID: MP12316
R2 Description: Grip Gear, Flag, Solid Floppy, Pin Hinge 4 x 4
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MPR Says: “48in x 48in Solid Flag”

“There are endless uses for flags when you’re on set and want to have ultimate control on the angle, height, shape or position of your light source. The 48×48 is rugged and perfect to have on set for cutting light. Also works well as a courtesy shade for the camera or monitor outdoors or to block light from a window or doorway. Have it on stand by when you’re on set and it will certainly get used for something every time. “

Product Overview:

Floppies are flags which have an extra layer of material sewn to one edge and held in place with velcro until needed at which time the Cutter becomes twice its original size. Be specific when ordering that you prefer the fabric to hinge at the pin, or the end away from the pin.

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