Gaff Tape – 2in White

Gaff Tape – 2in White
Model Number: Gaff Tape – 2in White
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10427
R2 Description: Expendable, 2in White Gaffer Tape
Alternative Product Name: MP10427
Product ID: MP10427 Categories: ,

MPR Says: “White Gaff Tape”

“Gaffers tape is one of the most awesome types of tape out there. It’s way better than duct tape and it has the ability to pull off of stuff without destroying it. This one is white and it’s great for labeling, placing marks or holding down fabrics.”

Product Overview:

Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaff Tape – 2 Inches, Gray

High strength vinyl gaff tape from Pro-Tapes has a matte finish and a high performance adhesive system. It can conform to irregular surfaces and is waterproof, abrasion resistant, and has a smooth controlled unwind.


Wire and carpet hold down
Gaffing Lights
Color coding, marking boxes
Splice floors
Bundling wires
Resists tears and punctures

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